Special Events, Classes and Camps

Top Form offers many special events over the year.  Summer Camps and the Annual Lift-Off have been attended by hundreds of the areas most serious student-athletes.

Speed, Strength and Power Camp


Over 100 campers participated at four locations (Averill Park, Chatham, Ichabod Crane, and Maple Hill High Schools), making the 2012 Speed, Strength & Power Camp the most successful to date!  The Speed, Strength & Power Camp is designed to increase knowledge and skills in all areas of speed, strength, power, vision, flexibility, injury resilience and much more.

Progress is measured through pre- and post-testing campers.
Camp is professionally run with a strong emphasis on technique. 

2017 SSP Camp Dates: 
2 Camps Maple Hill and Ichabod Crane

Times: M-Th 8:00-9am

Place: Meet at HS Track Daily 

Ages: 11 years and up​

July 5– July 27 @ Maple Hill HS (two Sessions 8-9 and 7-8)

July5-July 27@ Averill Park HS



Boot Camp

Just as it says..an intense one /two week camp designed to get student athletes in shape prior to their busy pre-season! Fun, crazy and more..athletes will find the Boot Camps challenging for both mind and body.


2016 Boot Camp Dates:

Times: M-Th 7-8:15pm, Meet at Track nightly

Ages: 11 years and up


July 31-Aug  10 @ Pre-Season Boot Camp Ichabod Crane HS

July 31-Aug 10 @ Pre-Season Boot Camp Maple Hill HS

July 31-Aug 10 @ Pre-Season Boot Camp Averill Park HS



Lift-off Shaker High School
2017 Date:  Friday March 3 4pm at Catholic Central HS


Columbia, Troy, and Watervliet High Schools came together in their first weight lifting meet in 1992.  The intention of the three schools was to develop a program where athletes who committed themselves to fitness through the winter months could be recognized in an interscholastic competition.

The focus is on drug- and supplement-free fitness
The competition has grown with over 450 male and female athletes participating
Participants compete in the squat, bench press, and dead-lift
Male and female athletes are separated into two age groups with four weight classifications in each
The competition has proved very successful in showing off our committed athletes, but more importantly, showing youth that striving for strength and fitness is a worthy goal!



Agility Training Strength Training